The Customer Data Platformby Roberto Rodriguez

Custom built for each customer or white-labeled for trusted partners

Long gone are the days where one software package runs the whole business. Modern operations are made up of software "blocks" that connect with each other, like Lego.

Each company picks the specific blocks they need, and the Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the brain that pushes and pulls data between each block.

  • intercom
  • hubspot
  • google
  • s3
  • salesforce
  • mailchimp
  • mixpanel
  • tablue
  • twilio

and 500+ more

The best and largest self-service CDP is Segment. It's got an impressive catalog of connections to business innovation apps but their customers need a high level of tech expertise, and lot's of time to research, learn to use, and configure such a complex architecture.

JungleDynamics, instead, is a boutique CDP that is personally serviced by me, so that my customers can take advantage of modern software without dedicated tech resources

The current state of the market

Modern software is a self-service business model, where the infrastructure and human resources are shared between millions of customers.This model dramatically reduced prices and gave birth to Uber, AirBnb, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Twilio, Google, Salesforce...

The scale this platforms reach and the idea of selling the same software to millions naturally forces their customers to adapt their operations to the platform: A tradeoff with ramifications that does not cost "only" $49.99 per user.

CDP's came to exits as a buffer, giving customers a workspace to balance this tradeoff, a place to customize their unique operation. But again, setting it requires a unique set of skills that reach beyond software because now you have to adapt to the CDP without loosing the advantange.

My solution to the problem

As an indie entreprenuer I did not set out to create a software empire, but instead a well balanced solution for my customers.

A boutique CDP that reliably pulls and pushes data between apps for a few customers, and most importantly to be able to tailor their operations in code, continuously.

Jungledynamics is in fact is capped by the law of demand, for each new customer the price increases 10%.

Customer profile user interface

Indie Architect Developer & Inventor

About me (Roberto Rodriguez)

After 2 decades in software, building and producing the most successful Salesforce App in Silicon Valley, and speaking in conferences worldwide; I took a step back from the "race" and retired to my jungle retreat in Costa Rica.

I created JungleDynamics after several business friends approached me with the same problem, which is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Then I built the platform and business model for 5 customers and currently there are 3 spots left.